Welcome Home!

I am returning to church from my sabbatical for this Sunday’s ingathering service so I know how good it feels when people say, “Welcome home!” So let me say it to you – Welcome home!

If you’ve been on exotic summer vacations or budget necessitated “staycations” – Welcome home.

If you’ve been challenged to entertain children out of school or been lonely, isolated and far away from family and friends – Welcome home.

If you are excited about the vision and mission of the church or angry and frustrated at a recent committee decision – Welcome home.

If you’ve been in the great outdoors or within the confines of a hospital room – Welcome home.

If you can get to the building on Sunday morning or you watch or listen on-line – Welcome home.

If you come to church to see old friends or excited to make new ones – Welcome home.

If you’ve been to this church a million times or are visiting this Sunday for the first time – Welcome home.WELCOME